ZTE Accelerates Canada’s Connected Car Ecosystem

Unlock your car’s potential with ZTE's connected car solution.
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ZTE VM6200S Connected Car

The ZTE in-car Wi-Fi device, alongside Mojio’s cloud-based platform and mobile app, Motion, deliver an easy-to-install connected car solution that propels nearly any car into the connected future. 

The device enables an entirely new suite of connected car experiences that provide something we’ve all been searching for – peace of mind about our cars and the people in them.

The in-car Wi-Fi device is available in Canada at Bell, Rogers and Telus.

Identify problems to help avoid stressful breakdowns

Short and long term car maintenance leads to healthier cars. Car diagnostics and alerts to possible issues and malfunctions are communicated in real-time. Long-term service, warranty, and maintenance information based on the make, model, and year of the car are one tap away. 

Assess driving habits to become a smarter, safer driver

Unlocking car data offers a profound look at driving habits on a large or small scale. Data reveals where and when speeding, harsh breaking, and rapid acceleration happen – and the impact of those driving behaviors on fuel consumption.

Connect your car with other IoT devices, apps and services

Get the advantage of Mojio’s open platform and growing connected car ecosystem. Mojio’s platform integrates with several IoT solutions, including IFTTT and Amazon Alexa, where the real-world usefulness of connecting data from your vehicle to other digital apps and services is improving every day.