Big-Screen Tablets

From the living room, to the backyard or on the road, our long-lasting tablets provide uninterrupted connectivity with a bigger view.

Phones, Smart to Simple.

It’s not the phone that makes people happy. It’s being able to discover, share and connect with what matters. That’s why give you options, from smart to simple, to find your perfect phone.

Be mobile, stay connected.

ZTE is doing more to help people find what they seek – beyond the phone – from home, the car, and at the office. 

Enjoy the option to roam knowing you can connect to high-speed mobile data wherever life takes you.

Our Product Philosophy

Our values guide us in business, and, in product development.

What do we value most? Making sure that incredible technology is available to everyone. The same technology that is becoming fundamental to our economic and social wellbeing – mobile devices.

That’s why each product is thoughtfully balanced, so you’re paying for innovation that gets you ahead and never sets you back.

This is our celebration of ingenuity.